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Business Structure Strategies

Shelf Company

A shelf company is a company that has not traded and historically has had no activity. 

Public Company Limited by Shares

Unlike private companies, under the Corporations Act public companies can raise capital from the public, and have unlimited shareholders.

Proprietary Limited Company (Limited by Shares)

Proprietary limited companies are the most common company structure in Australia and account for 98.5% of all companies.

Partnership of Discretionary Trusts

A partnership of discretionary trusts is a partnership where each partner is a discretionary trust.

Incorporated Limited Partnership

An incorporated limited partnership is an incorporated entity which is separate from the partners, has perpetual succession, and can sue or be sued in its own name.

Husband & Wife Tradespeople Partnership

In a typical husband and wife tradepeople partnership, one partner is qualified and produces the partnership income.


A partnership involves two or more partners (people or entities) carrying on a business together with a view to profit.