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Income Tax General Anti Avoidance Rules

The general anti-avoidance rules contained in Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (Cth) (‘Part IVA’) may be applied by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to deny a taxpayer the tax benefit of a scheme 

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The Most Common Illegal Business Tax Avoidance Strategies

The top 8 Illegal business tax saving strategies.

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The Most Common Illegal Employee Tax Avoidance Strategies

The top 7 illegal tax saving strategies used by Australian Employees.

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Tax Planning Sin 2: Undercharging for Tax Planning

 Most practice principals will tell you they do provide tax planning services to their clients, but just don’t charge for it.

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Tax Planning Sin 1: Failing to Offer Tax Planning Services to Every Client

Industry data shows that approximately 10% of practices are currently providing tax planning services to their clients.

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Minerals Resource Rent Tax | 2012

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) was a tax on profits generated from the mining of non-renewable resources in Australia. 

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Federal Income Tax Introduced (1915)

A federal government income tax was introduced in 1915, in addition to existing state income taxes, to finance involvement in the First World War. 

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Taxation and Federation (1901)

At Federation in 1901, the Australian Constitution granted the Commonwealth a monopoly of customs duties and excises and the power to levy other taxes concurrently with the States. 

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First State Income Tax (1880)

Tasmania was the first state to introduce an income tax in 1880 to raise revenue due to a fiscal crisis. 

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Australia's First Direct Taxes (1851)

The first direct taxes took the form of taxing the estates of deceased persons which at the outset applied only to personal estates and not real estate.

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