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WealthGenerator Strategies

How much are you spending on subscriptions?

Look at your bank statements for the year and note every charge for a subscription or streaming service like Netflix. The average person has at least 5.

Good money habits are small and boring

Good money habits are small and boring but make a big difference over time. Find out what small changes you need to make to reach your goal.

How do we stop spending thousands on wasteful gifts each year?

Whether you love or hate Christmas shopping, most of us are obligated to spend thousands each year.

Big riches with small changes and little effort

Small adjustments to our spending habits executed over our working life can have significant impacts on our retirement wealth, regardless of how little we earn.

Sell your house yourself and save $10,000

If you think you’ve got it in you, you are legally permitted to sell your own house if you wish and save the $15,000 fee.

Managing personal debt when you’re young

You are financially vulnerable between the age of 18 and 25 and credit companies take full advantage.

Taking control of personal income tax

Income tax is money paid to the federal government based on the amount of money you earn in a financial year less the expenses your incurred to earn that money.

The real cost of buying cheap

A decision we all must make. Do I buy a 20-year-old car for $5,000 or a new car for $25,000 with free servicing and a 7-year warranty?

Personal finance strategies by age

Your financial strategy should change as you age. Here is a general guidline for each stage of your life. Earn, growth Invest and save in your 20’s.

Tax support for serious hardship

The ATO might give you extra time to pay your tax or remove penalties if you experience financial difficulties.

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