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WealthGenerator Strategies

Sublease Part of the Premises

If you have unused space, subleasing part of your business premises to a third party is a great short-term strategy to reduce some of your fixed costs.

Change Bad Debt into Good Debt

Good debt is debt which works to help you build wealth and where the interest expense is tax deductible.


A partnership involves two or more partners (people or entities) carrying on a business together with a view to profit.

Ask for a Rent Reduction

This strategy involves asking the landlord for a rent reduction.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Services

Businesses in this industry install, repair and maintain ventilation, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems.

Debt Recycling

Debt recycling is a three-tiered financial strategy that aims to generate future wealth, reduce the home loan, and minimise tax. 

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