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From the monthly archives: December 2017

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123 BC – Tax Farming

Tax farming was originally a Roman practice set up by Gaius Gracchus in 123 BC whereby the burden of tax collection was reassigned by the Roman State to private individuals or groups.

First Income Tax - Egypt 3,000 BC

The first income tax is generally attributed to Egypt where the Pharaohs collected taxes from their citizens. 

6,000 BC – Labour Obligation Tax

Under the Bala Tax, Mesopotamia taxed almost everything – livestock, grains, handicrafts, funerals, etc. The most burdensome tax though was the Labor Obligation.

Ur III Dynasty of Mesopotamia | Bala Tax 6000 BC

The Bala Tax, Sumerian for ‘exchange’, is the method by which the Ur III dynasty of Mesopotamia collected taxes from its provinces.