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Get paid what you’re worth

Underpayment can significantly impact your personal finance over your career. For example, if you are underpaid by just $50 per week for 50 years, you lose out on $130,000.

Move your emergency fund

We think of an emergency fund as a lifeline and not a savings tool, we often fail to consider using the money to make money.

Get a Will

Arguably, a Will is the most important financial asset for yourself and your family.

Voluntary bankruptcy

When you cannot pay your debts having explored every alternative solution, you may consider filing for voluntary bankruptcy.

Write down your financial goals

Writing out your financial goals, setting a timeline and steps to achieve those goals will mean the difference between financial success and failure.

Shop around for a lower fee super fund

How much you retire with can be significantly affected by the fees your super fund charges. It is therefore important to shop around for a lower fee super fund.

How to use credit cards to build wealth

Using credits cards to spend money that we don’t actually have can have dire consequences for our personal finance.

Reduce your debt to build wealth

Whilst debt leveraging can be a useful wealth-building tool, in most cases reducing or removing all debt will result in a higher standard of living.

Pay yourself first to reach your savings goals

It sounds contradictory and counterproductive but paying yourself first can be a very effective personal finance strategy for wealth generation.

Incorporated association

An incorporated association is a formal legal structure adopted by a broad range of non-profit organisations. The operations of an incorporated association are restricted to its home state.