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Profit Improver

What is Profit Improver?

Profit improver is simply about improving a business’s profit. It provides the advice, tools, templates, and assistance to improve any businesses profits.

Why Improving Business Profits is Important

Improving business profits has the following benefits:

  • Increases the lifestyle and income of the business owner.
  • Creates a growing asset that can be sold to fund retirement.
  • Increases the businesses attractiveness and saleability. 
  • Creates employment and jobs.
  • Provides the funds to reinvest in the business. I.e. equipment, people, and intellectual property.
  • Provides the funds to contribute to charities and the community.

Profit Improver Database

The profit improver database explains both the well-known, and secret, profit improver strategies. The strategies are organised into 7 categories based on their different objectives:

  1. Increase sales.
  2. Reduce COGS.
  3. Reduce labour.
  4. Reduce rent.
  5. Reduce overheads.
  6. Operations.
  7. Financials. 

For each profit improver strategy, it explains:

  • What the profit improver strategy is
  • How the strategy works and improves profits  
  • The pros of the strategy 
  • The cons of the strategy 
  • Average amount of profits created by the strategy
  • How to establish and implement the profit improver strategy 

The profit improver database can be used in 4 ways:

  • Individual profit improver fact sheets can be printed out and provided to business clients when you prepare their annual financial statements and tax return. 
  • The fact sheets can be emailed to business clients who are interested in improving their business profits.  
  • As a reference tool for accountants to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to help business clients improve their profits and build better businesses (not just provide compliance services to clients).  
  • As a marketing tool.

The profit improver database is a work in progress and will eventually be expanded to 200 + strategies.

View our profit improver strategies here.

Stairway to Profits

Stairway to Profits’ details 150 strategies, concepts and ideas, that if implemented will give you a more profitable, more valuable, and more enjoyable business. These strategies apply irrespective of the type of business you own, the size of the business, or even your level of business experience.

These 150 strategies and ideas have the potential to transform your business. You have an amazing journey ahead of you with the potential for this to turn into a genuinely satisfying and rewarding business adventure. Enjoy the diversity and new found scope for visualising, exploring and transforming your business in multiple ways.


This book can be purchased through Vivid Publishing here.

Stairway to Profits book by Darren Gleeson