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Tax Planning

Case Study: LAFHA Saves $20,130 Tax

This is a real client of a Queensland practice subscribed to the TaxFitness programme. This shows the impact of just 1 strategy. 

Case Study | Small Business Saves $8,108 Tax

Peter is a small business owner who wants to save tax and reduce his child maintenance payments. Peter is divorced and pays child support of $12,000 per year.

Case Study | Plumber Saves $1,598 Tax

Thomas is a plumber who wants to save tax so he can buy a new car.

Case Study | Aircraft Engineer Saves $1,551 Tax

Frankie is an aircraft engineer working for Qantas at the Sydney Airport. He wants to protect his valuable tools and save tax.

Case Study: Tax Deductible Dog Saves $564 Tax

Robert is a plumber and has recently lost tools due to theft at the building sites he works on. Robert purchases a dog to take to work for companionship, and to also protect his tools.

Case Study | Relocation Expenses

Tom, an employee mining electrician has just got a new job in Port Headland, WA and will need to relocate his family from QLD.

Case Study | Change PSI to Personal Services Business

James is employed as a contract engineer at two different engineering companies. He would like to build wealth and save tax at the same time.

Salesperson Saves $1,551 in Tax

Roy, an employee software salesperson, uses his own motor vehicle for work purposes and is reimbursed the cost by his employer.

Cleaning Company Saves $123,500 in Tax

Cleaning company eliminates the 9.5% super guarantee liability on $1.3 million subcontractor payments, saving $123,500 pa.

Case Study | Financing with 100% Overseas Debt

Tony, a Singapore national, wants to invest $3 million into Australian commercial property.

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