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Client Newsletter

Automated Client Newsletter - Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead. It’s the best marketing channel we have to build real connections with the clients that keep our practice going. There are almost 4 billion email users around the world and for every dollar spent on email marketing, an average of $38 is generated in revenue.

75% of customers have at some point in their lives made a purchase resulting from an email marketing message. So don't tell yourself email doesn't work!

As accountants, you don't have time to write newsletters for your clients each month, so we created the perfect tool for your practice. Our automated client newsletter offers a simple way to stay in touch and educate your clients. We write expert content designed to engage and initiate a call to action with your individual and business clients.

We publish our newsletter on the 3rd Thursday of every month with your branding, logo, email and phone number. We do all the work for you, just sit back and watch the phone ring!!

5 Ways to Use Our Automated Newsletter

  1. Simply sign up your clients to automatically receive the newsletter through our servers each month. 
  2. Receive the newsletter yourself and forward it to your clients. If you have your own Mailchimp account, you can easily open our newsletter template in your own account giving you full control. We write the content, you send the emails. (If you don't have a Mailchimp account, we can set one up for your practice for a small fee) Get setup by emailing us here.
  3. Share the newsletter on social media;
    • Open the email in your browser.
    • Copy the URL from the address bar.
    • Paste the link as a new post (change the text, title and photo as you wish).
    • Publish your post.
    • Full instructions here.
  4. Print copies of the newsletter for placement in your reception, and client waiting area.
  5. PDF the newsletter for multi-use including posting on your website;
    • Open the email in your browser.
    • Print as PDF.

Customising Our Newsletter With Your Own Content

Our newsletter is automatically branded with your practice name, logo, and contact details. In addition, practices can customise the newsletter to:

  • Include your own content.
  • Include your own links.
  • Choose the specific months you would like the newsletter to go out to your clients.