tax planner

Our TaxFitness tax planner for February is Unni Ashok, the accounting principal of Success Tax Professionals Chermside.

How have you built your tax practice?

I joined Success Tax Professionals seven months ago. Being home based with no signage, it was important to attend networking events and utilise online platforms such as TaxFitness to source clients. 

Having a referral group of industry professionals is also important. The key is to be persistent and keep following up on leads. You first need to know your target market, however, and have a strategy to sell to them.

What is your business focus?

I focus on business clients who want to expand their services and maximise their tax savings through active tax planning. I also work with new businesses that want advice on structures and strategies. I take a personal approach with customers, going above and beyond to ensure a long-standing relationship.

What are your views on the future of the accounting industry?

Despite easier and cheaper access to technology, certain expertise can only be delivered by experienced accountants. The public is increasingly demanding services from accountants that add value such as tax planning over compliance. 

Price is probably the biggest threat as people these days expect more for less because of automation. Saying that though, I have met business owners who will pay high fees to get value for their money.

How do you approach tax planning with clients?

I offer tax planning services to everyone including salary and wage clients. Tax planning is guaranteed to save clients money. I therefore offer a money back guarantee if I can’t at least save some money for my clients through tax planning. 

If you take the time to review your clients' overall situation and demonstrate that implementing certain strategies can maximise their tax savings, the results speak for themselves.

Regularly updating your clients on changes that affect their specific circumstances also helps to build trust and maintain long-term relationships by keeping your practice front and centre in their minds.

Unni Ashok