John Lee Accountant

How you have built your tax practice?

It’s a typical statement that all clients have unique circumstances. This goes without saying. By having a special interest in business advisory, for example, our practice extends its services well beyond compliance and into solving problems, investigating improvement opportunities, and presenting solutions and planning options.

What is your focus and business model?

When we contact our clients, we initially focus on figuring out each client’s unique circumstances and recommending overarching strategy along with detailed sub-strategies. More specifically, beyond compliance issues, we concentrate on developing on each client’s tax saving and asset protection strategies through systematic and computerised approaches.   

What are your views on the future of the accounting industry? 

As technologies develop, tax compliance is no longer accountants’ exclusive territory. However, on the other hand, this change could trigger another opportunity to develop other value-added services, such as tax planning and consulting on cloud accounting and asset protection strategies.   

How do you approach tax planning with clients?

Every client has his/her own story and needs to be approached differently.

To achieve the best outcome for our clients, we endeavour to understand each client’s personal needs during our initial meeting. We then introduce our tax planning services and provide tax planning reports tailored to the client’s specific needs. We have a follow up consultation on the interpretation of the report and relating implementation procedures. 
We can help you to achieve results driven taxation outcomes and streamlined business processes, allowing you to benefit from savings averaging between $2,700 p.a. and $100,000 pa. 

Save time, money and enjoy life.