Dee Ufer Townsville Accounting

Townsville Accounting "understands the diversity and complexity of taxation issues - all of which can be daunting to clients. Our staff consists of taxation, software, bookkeeping and financial experts".

Dee has been a TaxFitness member for 6 months and has taken advantage of our automated marketing platform, educating Townsville Accounting clients, about tax planning with our automated monthly newsletter.

Why did you start a practice in Townsville? 

Originally from Sydney – then Brisbane then Townsville – best place for fishing and paddle boarding! I just kept following job opportunities and now have found home.

How have you grown your tax practice?

Originally I began a bookkeeping and accounting software training firm in 2000 called Smart Books Australia, meanwhile I decided to continue my education to expand service offerings – tax seemed the next natural transition to be able to assist my clients – the rest is history.  

Townsville Accounting's client base is growing simply on the foundation of its importance of educating and working with our clients to understand their financial position on a minimum quarter to quarter basis. We like to work with our clients throughout the year – this results in a more relaxed client and makes income tax preparation and planning a lot easier.

What is Townsville Accounting's business model and your focus?

Focus – is purely monitoring our clients and working with them at their pace to achieve their required results – some clients' goals are financial -  others are lifestyle.  

All our clients' requirements are different and change year to year. This is why our firm continuously communicate with all our clients in various forms, i.e. newsletters, educational videos, Facebook, and client meetings throughout the year.

Your views on the future of the accounting/tax industry?

The accounting industry is becoming highly competitive.  Therefore to remain competitive it is important to listen to our clients' demands and evolve with the times.

Accountants need to embrace technology to implement efficiencies and remain “current” with service offerings to clients, in order to remain relevant.

How do you approach tax planning with clients?

We have only recently started releasing educational videos regarding various tax topics and tax planning strategies which we send directly to clients they are relevant to.  

Surprisingly – some clients have shared these videos and tips – which has also assisted in expanding our clientele base. We aim to release these videos about every 2 weeks – the feedback from clients has been extremely positive.