Average weekly pay:          $1,000 
Employment size:              107,700  
Future growth:                    Decline      
Skill level                               Certificate II or III

Bookkeepers maintain and evaluate records of financial transactions in account books and computerised accounting systems.

Typical tax deductions include:

  • Cost of travel between offices and attending training courses.
  • Percentage of home occupancy costs if working from home (due to the employer not providing an office workspace). Include rent, interest, rates, insurance, etc.
  • Briefcases, handbag, man-bag or work bags.
  • Professional seminars, courses, conferences and workshops.
  • Reference books, technical journals and trade magazines related to work as an accountant. 
  • Computer depreciation, interest and repairs. 
  • Phone calls and internet (Work portion only). 
  • Self-education courses related to the current job.
  • Home office heating, cooling, lighting and cleaning costs
  • Professional memberships - e.g. CPA, IPA, CA, etc.

Non-deductible expenses:

  • Cost of business lunches (even if discussing business matters).