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201 Occupation Deductions

From the monthly archives: January 2018

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Tax Deductions for Pilots

10 typical tax deductions and 3 non-deductible expenses for pilots featuring Cathay Pacific flight instructor Robin Anthony Snelgar.

Tax Deductions for Authors & Writers

10 typical tax deductions and 1 non-deductible expense for authors & writers.

Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents

14 typical tax deductions and 5 non-deductible expenses for real estate agents.

Tax Deductions for Undertakers

 Nine tax deductions for undertakers, funeral workers, and funeral homes.

Tax Deductions for Bricklayers and Stonemasons

6 Tax deductions for bricklayers and stonemasons including travel to and from work, and between building sites, while transporting bulky equipment.

Tax Deductions for Flight Attendants

13 typical and non typical tax deductions for flight attendants including claiming your work related mobile phone and internet expenses.

Tax Deductions for Chefs

12 typical tax deductions available to chefs.

Tax Deductions for Actors, Dancers & Other Entertainers

12 typical and 6 non typical tax deductions for actors, dancers & other entertainers. 

Tax Deductions for Fitness Instructors

8 tax deductions including sun protection and 3 non-deductible expenses such as general exercise clothing for fitness instructors.