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Tax Havens

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Tax Advice

Choosing a Tax Haven - Legal System

Tax havens with legal systems based on English law are the most popular and desired.

Bearer Share Companies

Bearer share companies are companies where the individual shareholders are not known to the company.

Protected Cell Companies

Protected cell companies (PCCs) were originally developed in Guernsey in 1997 to provide a solution for companies who wanted to take advantage of the risk management solutions offered by a traditional single parent captive insurance, but who did not want to establish a captive of their own.

Avoiding Capital Gains Tax

Various exemptions apply, with the main one being the primary residence exemption.

Double Tax Treaty Manipulation

Double taxation is the levying of tax by two or more jurisdictions on the same declared income, asset or financial transaction.

Living in a Tax Haven

Generally, individuals who are deemed to reside in their country will be tax residents and taxed on their worldwide income.

Basing a Holding Company in a Tax Haven

A holding company is a parent corporation that owns enough voting shares in another company to control its policies and management.


Brunei is an attractive tax haven as it has no income taxes, no exchange controls, and has economic and political stability.


Unlike most countries, Bahrain has no income tax system (so no tax legislation, no tax office employees and no tax returns).


Antigua hosts, and taxes, companies whose business model depends on immunity from US intellectual property obligations.
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