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Macau is an offshore financial centre, a tax haven, and a free port with no foreign exchange controls. Tax is imposed on the worldwide income earned by Macau-registered entities.

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Jordanian corporations are only taxed on their Jordanian income

Jordanian resident corporations are only taxed on their Jordanian sourced income.

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Choosing a Tax Haven - Reputation

Doing business through a tax haven has the potential to enhance or damage a company’s corporate reputation.

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Choosing a Tax Haven - Political Risk

Political risk is the risk faced by investors and corporations that political decisions, events, or conditions will significantly affect the profitability of a business.

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Choosing a Tax Haven - Location, Proximity and Accessibility

When choosing a tax haven, its location, proximity and accessibility can be a deal breaker.

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Choosing a Tax Haven - Legal System

Tax havens with legal systems based on English law are the most popular and desired.

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Choosing a Tax Haven - What Are You Trying to Achieve?

There are 19 different reasons to use a tax haven, some legal, and some illegal.

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Offshore Trusts

Most offshore jurisdictions have sophisticated trust laws which allow the settlor to select lengthy, fixed, perpetuity periods, or to avoid perpetuity altogether (like Jersey).

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Living in a Tax Haven

Generally, individuals who are deemed to reside in their country will be tax residents and taxed on their worldwide income.

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Brunei is an attractive tax haven as it has no income taxes, no exchange controls, and has economic and political stability.

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