holiday working spaces

Holiday working spaces are work spaces in holiday destinations. The working spaces can be located literally anywhere in the world; including your favourite beach, forest, or snow holiday distination. Employees can work from the working spaces for a week, month or six months at a time. The work spaces can be hired by the day, week, or month, or even company owned.

The business benefits of providing holiday working spaces to employees include:

  • Provides a stimulating work environment to employees which improves their creativity and the ability to think.
  • Aids concentration and productivity by removing the 'normal' office distractions including telephone calls, fellow employees, meetings, emails, and office politics.
  • Aids staff recruitment and retention by making the employer a preferred employer.
  • Rewards high performing employees.

The cost of providing holiday working spaces will be tax deductible when provided for business purposes, not a straight-out holiday for the employer.