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Tax Strategies

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Tax Planning for Business

Deduct your overnight travel expenses

Overnight travel expenses involve being away from home for at least one night for work or business purposes.

Tax deductions for handbags, briefcases and satchels 

Handbags, briefcases and satchels purchased to carry items for work purposes (such as laptops, tablets, work papers or diaries) may be deductible.

Travel to co-existing work location 

Co-existing work locations travel will be tax deductible where the travel is attributable to the employee having to work in more than one place.

'Special demands travel' from home to work can be tax deductible

Where an employee undertakes 'special demands' travel between home and a regular work location, the trip will be deductible work-related travel

Save tax with a home-based business

A home-based business will be entitled to deduct a portion of their home occupancy costs, including home mortgage interest, 2.5% building write-off, rates, rent, insurance, and maintenance.

Tax Strategy - Change PSI to personal services business (PSB)

Personal services income (PSI) is income produced mainly from an individual’s skills or efforts. It’s income that has the characteristics of employment income.

Tax deductible holiday working spaces

The cost of providing holiday working spaces will be tax deductible when provided for business purposes, not a straight-out holiday for the employer.

Top 10 Tax Strategies for Rental Property Investors

These 10 tax strategies apply to rental property investors & produce the biggest tax savings (on average).

Tax Strategy | Establish a Foreign Company

For Australian residents who wish to conduct a trading or investing business overseas, this strategy involves incorporating a company overseas.

Tax Strategies – Top 10 for Business

These 10 tax strategies apply to the majority of businesses & produce the biggest tax savings (on average).

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