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Tax Strategies

From the monthly archives: January 2018

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Tax Savings Strategy 198 | Health Coaching, Lifestyle & Weight Loss

Work-related counselling provided to employees (and their associates) in order to improve or maintain their efficiency at work or prepare them for retirement will be tax deductible and FBT exempt.

Tax Savings Strategy 197 | Long Service Awards

Long service awards granted in recognition of 15 years or more service are tax deductible and FBT exempt up to a certain amount.

Tax Savings Strategy 196 | FBT Exempt Work Related Items

Providing the following 5 work related items to employees is tax deductible and FBT exempt.

Tax Savings Strategy 195 | Taxi Travel

Employer provided taxi travel that is a single trip beginning or ending at the employer's place of work will be tax deductible to the employer and an FBT exempt benefit to the employee.