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Tax Strategies

Tax Planning Strategy 162 | Endorsement Income

This income is generated by the goodwill asset, rather than by the direct personal exertion of the athlete.

Tax Planning Strategy 173 | Salary Packaging for FBT-Exempt Employees

Certain public and non-profit hospitals, ambulance services, public benevolent institutions (PBIs), religious institutions, and health promotion charities (HPCs) are eligible for an FBT exemption.

Tax Planning Strategy 201 | Wineries & the Wine Makers WET Rebate

Taxpayers operating a winery receive all the standard business deductions plus the additional primary production related deductions.

Tax Planning Strategy 169 | Salary Packaging Rental & Share Investment Losses to 'Beat' the Income Test Rules

Investment Loss (TNIL) is an individual's taxable losses from rental and share investments. The TNIL is added back to an individual's taxable income to calculate the tax related concessions.

Tax Planning Strategy 163 | Salary Packaging Business Assets to Double Dip

This strategy involves ‘double dipping’ as the employees business depreciation claim is unaffected by their employer reimbursing them for the cost of the asset.

Tax Planning Strategy 167 | In-house Recreation Facilities

The cost of providing in-house recreation facilities to employees is deductible if it is located on the employer’s premises.

Tax Planning Strategy 85 | $20,000 Asset Write-Off

Small businesses can claim a tax deduction for depreciable assets they purchase for their business provided they cost less than $20,000 each.

Tax Planning Strategy 166 | Exempt Childcare Benefits

Childcare benefits provided by an employer will be exempt from FBT under section 47(2) FBTAA where the employer has In-house childcare facilities.

Tax Planning Strategy 164 | Remote Area Housing

 If a housing benefit is deemed a remote area housing benefit the employer can claim a tax deduction for the employees housing costs, and no FBT is payable.

Tax Planning Strategy 131 | Companies

The advantages of operating a business through a company include 30% tax rate (standard company tax rate and 27.5% tax rate for companies with a turnover less than $10m pa.