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Accountants Outsourcing

How Does the Outsourcing Work?

Accountants can offer Tax Savings Report service to their clients through an outsourcing option and receive 33% of any tax planning fees generated. This option provides your clients with an expert tax planning service without you having to provide the service yourself (i.e. saving you time, training, and the need to purchase tax planning software). If you choose this option your clients’ circumstances will be assessed against 250 tax planning strategies to seriously maximise tax savings.

With this outsourcing option TaxFitness provides the tax planning reports, advice, and assistance, but you deal exclusively with your client. The reports can be branded with your practice logo and details or the TaxFitness branding, it’s your choice.

Outsourcing Process

  • You can refer any business clients  for a Tax Savings Report. The ideal clients for this service operate a business, have a high taxable income, and have lots of assets/liabilities/structures.
  • The client’s financial circumstances will be analysed (i.e. Income, expenses, assets, liabilities, business structures, etc. Most of this information you will already have on hand for the client. We’ll communicate with you and tell you what we need.
  • We prepare the draft tax savings report (basic) with the identified tax saving opportunities. This report is FREE. You then provide the report to your client and discuss it with them (to see if they are interested in saving extra tax and going to the next step).   
  • If the client would like a detailed tax savings report and assistance with implementing the strategies, we will provide the detailed report and you will implement the strategies for them. This service will be provided to the client for an agreed upfront fee. Minimum fee is normally $700 but will be value based at 10 - 20% of any tax savings generated.
  • If there are any tax planning fees generated for your client, you receive 33% of the fee. You have the choice to invoice the client for the tax planning service, or alternatively TaxFitness can. 
  • This outsourcing service allows you to advertise and promote tax planning - but importantly to be able to deliver the service and receive a fee. Over time your knowledge should improve as you will see the tax planning reports and how the strategies are applied. You may then be able to take over the tax planning yourself. However, you may equally be happy concentrating on other areas and continuing to operate under the outsourcing system on an on-going basis.
  • To refer a client, simply email darren.gleeson@taxfitness.com.au.