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Quarterly BAS Profit Report

Quarterly BAS Profit Report

The quarterly BAS profit report uses quarterly BAS data to provide businesses with a true picture of their business performance. The report uses simple graphs and charts to highlight:

  • The 6 key benchmark figures (sales, cost of sales, labour, rent, motor vehicle, and profit/loss) for the current quarter ‘v’ the same quarter last year.
  • Year to date benchmark figures ‘v’ the previous year’s year to date.
  • Historical performance of the 6 key benchmark figures (for up to 10 years).

4 Step Process

  1. Set up business client (including selecting the business type from the business benchmarks database). This only needs to be done once on set up.
  2. Use the quarterly BAS data and enter 6 figures into the client’s ‘Financials’ screen.
  3. Select the ‘Quarterly BAS Profit Report’ button to generate the report.
  4. Email the report to the client with their BAS return and discuss the results.

How to Use the Report

The report should be provided as a complementary value adding service to every business client, every quarter. The report only takes 5 minutes to prepare and should be emailed to the client at the same time as their quarterly BAS return is lodged with the ATO.  

The report becomes more valuable each quarter as additional data is entered and the reporting of the business’s historical performance increases.