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The TaxFitness Client Newsletter

The newsletter is an easy way for you to stay in touch with, and educate, your clients. The newsletter has the following format:

  • 1 tax savings strategy or case study.
  • 1 profit strategy or business structure strategy.
  • 1 wealth creator strategy.

The newsletter is published monthly (third Thursday of each month) from February to December. There is no newsletter in January. 

Example Newsletter

Customising the Newsletter

The newsletter is automatically branded with your practice’s name, logo, and contact details. In addition, practices can customise the newsletter to:

  • Include their own content.
  • Include their own links.
  • Choose the specific months they would like the newsletter to go out to their clients.

4 Ways to Use the TaxFitness Newsletter

  • Add your clients to the TaxFitness software and add your own content each month: Your clients will then automatically receive the newsletter each month. 
  • Receive the monthly TaxFitness newsletter email and reforward it to your clients through your practice email system. This also allows you to add your own personalised content.
  • Share the newsletter on your Facebook company or personal page. 
  • Print copies of the newsletter for placement in your reception, and client waiting area.

How to Use Our TaxFitness Posts

The objective of TaxFitness posts is to help you educate your clients (and potential clients) about how they can save tax, what is deductible, and tax planning in general. 

TaxFitness publishes 1 original content post each week on a Tuesday under the following subject categories;

  • Blog
  • Tax havens
  • Wealth creator strategies 
  • Tax savings strategies
  • Case studies
  • Occupation deductions.

You can follow and share our posts directly from our social media pages: