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What is TaxFitness?

TaxFitness is a holistic environment for accountants serious about providing their clients with tax planning and business advisory services.

These services have traditionally been challenging to provide. Why? because the infrastructure to provide them has yet to be available in a comprehensive form to address the required learning curve, the support tools necessary, or the software to automate functions.

Unlike compliance services (like BAS and tax returns, etc), which are heavily supported by systems, processes, checklists, courses, references and software such as Xero and HandiSoft – tax planning and business advisory have not been.

Yet tax planning and business advisory are value-added services for the client and the practice providing them as they produce significant fees for the practice.

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tax advice for dentists


Imagine a dentist called Michael who only offered to provide routine cleaning and scale of teeth and fillings (this would be like the accountant who primarily only provides compliance services to their client base).

Another dentist, Steven, provides clean and scale and fillings (precisely the same as Michael) but also offers whitening, crowns, extractions, root canal treatments and veneers. (These are value-added services that benefit his clients and are higher fee-generating services for the dental practice). These are like the tax planning and business advisory services offered by accountants who extend themselves to work in these fields.

Of course, dentists would never provide such limited services as cleaning, scale, and fillings like Michael. So why do we see this in public practice? With public practice accountants, it is very common to see practices just focus on compliance. These practices are neglecting huge opportunities within their client base. They should be more like Steven and have a dynamic portfolio of services.

Provide existing clients with more service

Often, it is not a case of needing more clients but simply providing existing clients with more services that they need. Then, they do not leave.

TaxFitness helps accountants on their journey to provide these services through tax planning and business advisory. Target a minimum of an extra $30,000 in fees first year.

You can find your fit and start using our programmes and content so you can become a tax planning and business advisory expert.

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TaxFitness provides


Targets over 200 tax planning strategies, explains who it applies to, the implementation process, provides costings and savings and generates meaningful reports for your clients.

Work with data and facts so your clients clearly understand what is possible.

Sell benefits and you sell the service.

Marketing templates

Marketing plans, flyers, banners, email and newsletter templates.


Videos & checklists

Training courses

Take advantage of a tailored programme to learn.


Darren Gleeson

Darren Gleeson

(Managing Director)
[email protected]

In 2003 Darren founded the Success Tax Professionals franchise group which has grown to over 75 franchisees operating Australia-wide. Success Tax Professionals franchisees currently lodge over 50,000 tax returns pa for a combination of individuals, small businesses and SMSF’s. Success Tax Professionals is the third largest tax franchise in Australia.

In 2017 Darren founded TaxFitness to provide tax planning software for accountants. In 2021, a business advisory module was added and training courses in 2024.

Darren has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree, Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance, and Master of Business Administration. Darren is also a member of the Institute of Company Directors and CPA Australia.

Darren is the published author of 9 books:

  1. Tax Savings for 201  Employee Occupations
  2. 201 Tax Saving Strategies
  3. Tax Planning Made Simple (Second Edition)
  4. The Intelligent Accountant
  5. Tax Tips that Add Up
  6. Stairway to Profits
  7. 103 Tax Haven Escapes
  8. 8,000 Years of Weird and Wonderful Taxes
  9. 250 Tax Saving Tips
Tracy James
Roydon Snelgar
Founders of TaxFitness

"I have been a user of this tax planning software for many years now and I'm extremely happy with this product.
With xero linking with tax fitness, tax planning can be done easily and cost effectively for clients"

- Nishan Senaratne -

"I highly recommend TaxFitness to all tax accountants and business owners. have used TaxFitness for many years now and have found it to be a fantastic software that assists tax agents efficiently".

- Phuong Dang -