Tax planning

Tax planning software for accountants

  • Tax planning for client groups (unlimited number of individuals or entities).
  • Import Xero Tax clients and client groups (synched with XMP and Xero Tax).
  • Import the client’s Xero financial data in 60 seconds (including income, expenses, assets and liabilities).
  • Assess the client’s current tax position (i.e. each group member’s taxable income, tax expense, and tax payable/refundable).
  • Tax strategy database. The 200 + strategies are constantly revised and updated.
  • The software recommends possible tax-saving opportunities (tax strategies).
  • Beautiful tax planning report, including charts and graphs. The information includes tax savings, an explanation of selected tax strategies, an implementation process, and a net worth statement.

"I have been a user of this tax planning software for many years now and I'm extremely happy with this product.
With xero linking with tax fitness, tax planning can be done easily and cost effectively for clients"

- Nishan Senaratne -

"I highly recommend TaxFitness to all tax accountants and business owners. have used TaxFitness for many years now and have found it to be a fantastic software that assists tax agents efficiently".

- Phuong Dang -