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Education and Support


All TaxFitness users are provided with a complete range of support resources and services to help you get the most out of the software.

User Guides

The fact sheets and user guides provide information on getting started with TaxFitness and producing tax savings reports.    

Training Videos


Want TaxFitness to Review or Prepare a Tax Plan for You?

Follow our Tax Plan Request Instructions to have one of our expert tax planners either review or prepare tax plans for you.


Release Notes

TaxFitness has a continuous improvement programme with new features and enhancements released every 4 months. These are documented in the Release Notes which also provide usage instructions on the released items. Release notes are emailed to TaxFitness users.

TaxFitness Conference 

TaxFitness holds an annual conference where we review recent TaxFitness product features and enhancements, tax planning strategies, tax planning case studies, and industry news.

Minimum System Requirements

We recommend the following minimum system requirements to get the most out of our software.

Software Enhancement Requests  

Suggestions and ideas to enhance and improve the TaxFitness software are very important to us. Please send us your ideas and requests as continuous improvement of the software is critically important to us. Your suggestions can be sent to us directly here.

Software IT Support 

Our software is developed and maintained right here in Australia. Software issues can be handled immediately by contacting us directly here.