1-day business benchmarking training course

business benchmarking seminar

We are pleased to introduce our 1-day business benchmarking course.

After just 1 day you can start generating extra fees from within your current client base. Simple, straightforward and income-producing.

Tired of courses that are purely information? Well, this course is designed to get participants making money for your business quickly by making the theory relevant, practical and supported by our software.

Why have we developed this course? TaxFitness provides software and training courses. Our training courses are available to provide our subscribers with the knowledge and practical skills to advance their understanding of the technical side of our specialised areas – tax planning and business advisory. Add this to our software and users have a very thorough and complete understanding addressing knowledge-confidence, practical application and software use.

So join us for our 1-day business benchmarking course open for bookings now!

Key features include:

  • Target $50,000 fees in 12 months.
  • Start generating revenue within one week from your existing client base.
  • Immediately add the service for new business clients.
  • Course includes the benchmarking process, software and reports
  • Learn how to sell the services to clients and how to price the services.
  • Straightforward 1 day course.

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