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Don’t Die Without a Valid Will

18 July 2023

According to a study by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), around 50% of Australian adults do not have a will. In Australia, if a person dies without a valid will, their estate is considered intestate. Intestacy laws then come into effect to determine how the deceased person's assets will be distributed. The specific…

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2020/21 Federal Budget tax incentives

8 October 2020

Tax incentives for taxpayers: Personal income tax rates reduced. The personal income tax rates that were to apply from 1st July 2022 are brought forward to 1st July 2020. These changes involve: Increasing the upper threshold of the 19% personal income tax bracket from $37,000 to $45,000, and Increasing the upper threshold of the 32.5%…

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Tax Planning Made Simple (Second Edition) Now Available!

10 January 2020

The 10% of practices that currently provide tax planning services to their clients generate annual fees revenue of $284m. This book has been written for the 28,968 accounting practices in Australia (the 90%) that aren’t currently providing tax planning services to their clients. The first part of the book talks about why your clients need…

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Database Grows to 250 Tax Strategies

10 May 2019

Our Taxfitness tax strategy database now boasts 250 tax strategies to help your clients structure their affairs to legally reduce their tax liability and make savings.  The database explains how 250 different tax strategies actually work (i.e. what the tax strategy is, when to use the strategy, average tax deductions created by the strategy, and the strategy…

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34 Practices Complete the Tax Planning Made Simple Workshop

25 February 2019

34 practices in Melbourne and Perth have just completed our Tax Planning Made Simple Workshop.  The workshop teaches practices how to add a tax planning division to their practice in only one day. Although tax planning generates $330 million of fees pa, less than 1% of practices outside the top 100 generate any tax planning revenue. …

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Tax Savings for 201 Employee Occupations | New Book

1 August 2018

Tax Savings for 201 Employee Occupations details tax saving strategies and ideas for 201 different employee occupations. It doesn’t matter what the occupation is, there are tax strategies that commonly apply to that occupation. Often employee taxpayers are unaware of all the tax saving strategies that are available. This is understandable as the Australian taxation…

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201 Tax Saving Strategies

13 April 2018

This book details 201 tax saving strategies and ideas, that if implemented will save you tax. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee, investor, or business owner, there are tax strategies that apply to your circumstances. Often taxpayers are unaware of all the tax saving strategies that are available. This is understandable as the…

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103 Tax Haven Escapes by Darren Gleeson

2 January 2018

Mention the words ‘tax haven’ to the average taxpayer, and they immediately think of tropical islands, numbered bank accounts, and the rich, famous and shady, all evading tax. Their observations are correct, but only the tip of the iceberg, as tax havens are so much more. Tax havens are used by individuals, small businesses, large…

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Savage Garden Fremantle Art Exhibition – Buy a painting for a full tax deduction!

9 November 2017

Are you looking for some artwork to enliven your office or workspace? Perth artist Emma Margetts is exhibiting at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery from November 11 to 25, 2017. Margetts’ photo realistic paintings depict the dream-state of children and sentient animal beings. Small businesses buying art prior to June 30, 2018 with a purchase cost of less…

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