Can I deduct the cost of travelling to see my tax agent?

Can I deduct the cost of travelling to see my tax agent?


A taxpayer can claim a deduction for the cost of travel to obtain tax advice.

This travel includes: 

  • Using a taxpayer's vehicle to visit their accountant's office. This can be calculated on a cents per km basis.
  • Out of pocket transport costs incurred, such as airfare or taxi fare.
  • Accommodation and meals incurred visiting their tax agent. (This provides the opportunity for country-based taxpayers to have a tax-deductible overnight trip to the city if they have a city-based accountant). 


  • Receipts are evidencing the expenses paid.
  • Diary evidencing kilometres travelled for tax-related purposes.
  • Need to determine whether the sole purpose of the trip is for managing tax affairs or there is a private component, so apportionment of expenses is necessary.

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