TaxFitness software updates – November 2023

software update 2023

We have made some significant improvements to our TaxFitness software:

  • You can now analyse up to 5 different scenarios when preparing tax planning reports.
  • We have Improved the tax planning report design, presentation, and wording and included additional graphs and tables.
  • Sixty new compliance and business advisory recommendations have been added to our tax strategy database and can be included in your tax planning reports in section 8, ‘additional recommendations’.
  • You can now custom-edit the wording in your tax planning and business advisory reports.
  • We have improved the business advisory report, including design, presentation, wording, and additional graphs.
  • Xero financial data can now be automatically imported into the business advisory software and benchmarked.
  • Trust distributions can now be $ value and/or %. When preparing a tax planning report, trust distributions can be changed in real-time to show different scenarios.

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