Tax Deductions for Cleaners

Tax Deductions for Cleaners

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Average weekly pay:       $896
Employment size:            179,500  
Future growth:                  Stable        
Skill level                             High School or Certificate I

Cleaners clean houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, industrial work areas, and industrial machines. 

Their tasks include:

  • Vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, polishing, waxing, and removing rubbish.
  • Applying acids and solvents to surfaces to remove stains and dirt.
  • Sandblasting and removing soot, oil, grease, sludge and other residues from machines, hulls and holds of ships, furnaces, boilers and tanks.

Typical tax deductions:

  • Travel to and from work, and customer premises, while transporting bulky equipment (normally 20 or more kilos). Normally includes cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, buckets, solvents, ladders, etc. Deductions are normally maximised by using the logbook method.
  • Travel between two jobs, travel to attend meetings, picking up supplies, etc.
  • The cost of renewing machinery operating licences and tickets that are required for work.
  • Mobile phone, internet and home office costs. Work-related percentage only.
  • Protective clothing and equipment including safety-coloured vests, steel-capped boots, gloves, overalls, aprons, safety glasses, goggles, and breathing masks. 
  • Work clothing including compulsory uniforms and corporate wardrobes, single items of distinctive clothing such as a jumper with the employer’s logo, and non-compulsory uniform the employer has registered with AusIndustry. Also, the cost of cleaning the work clothing.
  • Courses, seminars and self-education expenses.
  • Tools and equipment, if less than $300 each are immediately deductible. Whereas if they are over $300 they are depreciable
  • Union fees including levies to protect the interest of members and their jobs.
  • Overtime meal expenses (if paid an overtime meal allowance under an industrial award, law or agreement for the overtime worked).
  • Technical or professional magazines related to the cleaning job, e.g.  Inclean magazine.

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