Tax Deductions for Factory Workers

Tax Deductions for Factory Workers

Factory worker

Average weekly pay:          $1,027 
Employment size:               30,900  
Future growth:                     Very Strong      
Skill level                                High School or Certificate I  

Factory workers are people employed in factories. 

Their tasks include:

  • Weighing, measuring, mixing, dissolving, boiling, and adding ingredients/materials.
  • Monitoring product quality before packaging by inspecting, taking samples and adjusting processing.
  • Operating machines, cleaning equipment, moving products from production lines, and packaging.

Typical tax deductions include:

  • Mobile phones, calculators,  electronic organisers, computers, computer software, tools and equipment. Items costing more than $300 each need to be depreciated over their effective life.
  • Sunglasses, sunhats, and sunscreens (if required to work outside).
  • Phone, internet and home office expenses (less private portion).
  • Motor vehicle costs to attend work meetings, attend training courses, pick up supplies and driving between or around job sites.
  • Protective clothing and equipment including safety helmets, safety glasses, goggles breathing masks, high visibility vests, and winter outdoor jackets. 
  • Union and professional association renewal fees, cost of renewing machinery operating licences and tickets.
  • Overtime meals (if paid a meal allowance under an industrial award).

None deductible expenses:

  • iPods and digital media services (even if used to listen to music at work). 
  • Normal drivers licence.

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