Amusement, Fitness and Sports Centre Personnel

Amusement, Fitness and Sports Centre Personnel

Sports centre

Average weekly pay:          $1,000 
Employment size:              13,700  
Future growth:                    Very strong        
Skill level                               Associate degree or diploma   

Amusement, fitness and sports centre managers organise, control and promote the activities, facilities and resources of amusement, fitness and sports centres.

Typical tax deductions: 

  • Motor vehicle travel to and from work if having either shifting workplaces (working at more than one site each day before returning home), or transporting bulky fitness equipment.  
  • Motor vehicle travel between various places of work, to attend training, or travel to competitions  – where the prizes won would be part of income, or where coaching students. 
  • Overnight travel between various place of work, to attend training, or travel to competitions.
  • Phone and internet – work %.   
  • Sun protection costs including sunglasses and sunscreens – includes prescription sunglasses which are photo-chromatic glasses which have filtering and glare-reducing qualities similar to sunglasses.  
  • Computers, audio equipment, weights, mats, bars, treadmill, etc.   
  • Compulsory work uniforms branded with the employer’s logo. 
  • Education expenses at university or TAFE – if they relate to current work and are not reimbursed. 
  • Music, CDs, and exercise videos.
  • Home office running expenses. 
  • Overtime meals.

Non-deductible expenses: 

  • Travel for sporting events attended as a spectator or as a participant unless the travel is undertaken in the course of performing work duties. 
  • General exercise clothing including tracksuits, shorts, tank tops, running shoes, sweat socks, armbands, headbands, and t-shirts. 
  • Pre-vocational courses such as a Certificate III in Fitness.

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