Taxi Drivers

Taxi Drivers

taxi driver

Average weekly pay:        $950  
Employment size:             54,900  
Future growth:                   Very Strong     
Skill level                              Certificate II or III 

Taxi drivers drive motor cars to transport passengers to destinations.

Typical tax deductions include:

  • Motor vehicle travel between work sites or for training purposes.  
  • Taxi operating costs including interest, lease payments, depreciation, repairs, fuel, cleaning and insurance. 
  • Computers, tools and equipment – includes fridge, GPS, and vehicle maintenance tools.   
  • Consumables for passengers including drinks, sweets, newspapers, and magazines. 
  • Union fees, licences, registrations and subscriptions.  
  • Phone and internet – work %.  
  • Medical checkup and drug testing fees. 
  • Compulsory work uniform branded with the employer’s logo.   
  • Courses, seminars and self-education expenses.    
  • Client gifts brought for work purposes as entitled to receive commission income – includes gift vouchers, bottle of wine, flowers, hamper, etc.
  • Home office running expenses. 

Non-deductible expenses: 

  • Speeding and parking fines.  
  • Taxi driving course.

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