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1-day business benchmarking training course

11 December 2023
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We are pleased to introduce our 1-day business benchmarking course. After just 1 day you can start generating extra fees from within your current client base. Simple, straightforward and income-producing. Tired of courses that are purely information? Well, this course is designed to get participants making money for your business quickly by making the theory…

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Revenue generating tax planning and business advisory courses

14 November 2023
training courses

We are excited to announce the launch of our fee generating tax planning and business advisory courses. Key features include: Targeting a minimum of $100,000 in tax planning and business advisory fees within the first 12 months (Platinum course). Unlimited phone calls and emails. Unlimited one-on-one coaching/mentoring (Platinum course). Access core course content (videos, checklists,…

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