Tax deductible holiday working spaces

Tax deductible holiday working spaces

holiday working spaces

Holiday working spaces are work spaces in holiday destinations. The working spaces can be located literally anywhere in the world; including your favourite beach, forest, or snow holiday distination. Employees can work from the working spaces for a week, month or six months at a time. The work spaces can be hired by the day, week, or month, or even company owned.

The business benefits of providing holiday working spaces to employees include:

  • Provides a stimulating work environment to employees which improves their creativity and the ability to think.
  • Aids concentration and productivity by removing the ‘normal’ office distractions including telephone calls, fellow employees, meetings, emails, and office politics.
  • Aids staff recruitment and retention by making the employer a preferred employer.
  • Rewards high performing employees.

The cost of providing holiday working spaces will be tax deductible when provided for business purposes, not a straight-out holiday for the employer.

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