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Infamous Tax Evader - Al Capone

The federal authorities became intent on jailing Al Capone, and they prosecuted him for tax evasion in 1931.

Earliest Taxes – Ancient Mesopotamia (6,000 BC)

The oldest examples of Ancient Mesopotamia writings are documents concerned with goods and trade and include records of taxes, tithes, and tributes.

Australia's 30% Company Tax Rate Must Fall

Australia’s closest neighbors all have lower company tax rates than Australia’s 30% standard rate.

The Double Irish Tax Strategy

The double Irish tax strategy uses payments between related entities in a corporate structure to move income from a higher-tax country to a lower or no tax jurisdiction.

The Singapore Sling: A Marketing Hub for BHP and Rio Tinto

BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have been enjoying the Singapore Sling for at least the last ten years.

6 Strategies To Promote Tax Planning Services To Your Clients

If you implement the above six strategies over time you will build your Tax Planning fee base.

Netflix Tax - Gst

Due to the community uproar with this unpalatable situation, Australia introduced the ‘Netflix Tax’ (which will apply from 1st July 2017).