Reduce Rent

Operate Your Business from Home

5 March 2019

Operating your business from home is an option if you spend most of your time working at client premises, deal with clients predominantly over the phone & internet, or just need a small office. Operating from home reduces your rental costs to nil.  The main advantages of operating the business from home are:    …

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Relocate to Smaller Premises

7 January 2019

Reducing space usage and relocating to smaller premises will reduce rent costs (where the new premises have a similar cost per metre as the current premises). Businesses can reduce the space they use by:     Going 100% paperless – documents and files are scanned and archived online instead of being stored as paper files…

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Sublease Part of the Premises

11 December 2018

If you have unused space, subleasing part of your business premises to a third party is a great short-term strategy to reduce some of your fixed costs. This will reduce your rent expense and provide extra cash flow.    Subleasing typically makes sense when:   Business conditions are tough – this reduces your overheads and…

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Ask for a Rent Reduction

15 November 2018

This strategy involves asking the landlord for a rent reduction. Landlords will be more open to reducing the rent where:   You are a good tenant that pays their rent on time and doesn't cause any trouble. Falling rents and increased vacancy rates means you are paying above-market rental rates.  Implementation process: Use property websites…

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"You’d be stupid not to try to cut your tax bill and those that don’t are stupid in business"

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