Operate Your Business from Home

Operate Your Business from Home

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Operating your business from home is an option if you spend most of your time working at client premises, deal with clients predominantly over the phone & internet, or just need a small office. Operating from home reduces your rental costs to nil. 

The main advantages of operating the business from home are:



  • Reduces rental costs to nil.
  • No commuting to work – saving time and transport costs.
  • Improved concentration and productivity due to less office based distractions.
  • Flexible work hours and the ability to work when you are personally the most productive.



The main disadvantages of operating the business from home are:

  • Difficult to keep work and home life separate.
  • Many clients or customers will not use the services of a home based business as they deem them unprofessional and inferior.   
  • Lack of personal contact with businesses and people. 
  • Subject to domestic distractions and disruptions.
  • Easy to work excessive hours.

Implementation process:

  1. Consider whether your business could be successfully operated from home. Weight the pros with the cons.
  2. If operating from home set rules for yourself and instill discipline just as you would in an office.
  3. Minimize distractions by establishing your office in a spare room that can be dedicated strictly to your business.
  4. Get out of the office and visit clients, network events, and attend training.

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