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Ten tax time scams that target Australian taxpayers

27 June 2023

Tax scams are becoming more frequent and sophisticated year after year. Here are ten tax scams that target Australian taxpayers at tax time: Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Impersonation Scams: Scammers pretend to be ATO officials and contact individuals via phone, email, or text, demanding immediate payment or threatening legal action. They may request personal information…

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Tax incentives for build-to-rent developments

20 June 2023

On 28 April 2023, the Australian Government announced it would provide incentives to increase the supply of housing by: Reducing the withholding tax rate for eligible fund payments from managed investment trusts (MIT) attributable to residential build-to-rent projects from 30% to 15%. This measure will apply from 1 July 2024 for income attributable to newly…

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Electric vehicle home charging expenses  

6 April 2023

The ATO has introduced a 4.20 cents per km rate for home-charging electric vehicles (EV). The rate is multiplied by the number of kilometres the electric vehicle travels during the year. As the compliance costs involved in calculating the EV electricity consumption vs the household private electricity use is high, the ‘Practical Compliance Guideline PCG…

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Can you make a buck in the crazy world of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)?

1 February 2022

 Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) are digital assets (commonly but not restricted to images such as PNG’s or JPEG’s) that are minted on the blockchain. In other words, they are stamped as the original digital asset. Anyone can copy an image, but the NFT will always be the original and can therefore be assigned value. The…

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How much are you spending on subscriptions?

25 January 2022

  Subscription-based services have become the financial model of the decade for a reason. Why give ownership to a customer for a one-time fee when the same customer can pay you every month for life on a subscription. How much are you spending on subscriptions each year? If you don’t know the answer to this…

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Good money habits are small and boring

4 January 2022

Good money habits are small and boring but make a big difference over time. First, figure out what you want. Are you trying to: Buy a house? Clear debt? Save for a life event such as a wedding? Create an emergency fund? Pay off your mortgage? Once you know your goal(s) and your timeline, use…

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How do we stop spending thousands on wasteful gifts each year?

21 December 2021

Whether you love or hate Christmas shopping, most of us are obligated to spend thousands each year on what ultimately leads to billions of tons of landfill the following year. And it’s not just Christmas. It’s the birthday of every kid in your child’s class. Easter, Halloween, Valentines, the list goes on. Endless consumption of…

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Big riches with small changes and little effort

2 November 2021

Small adjustments to our spending habits executed over our working life can have significant impacts on our retirement wealth, regardless of how little we earn. Take Susan for example who earns $750 per week. She rents an apartment in Perth and pays $400 per week in rent. She spends $200 on food and $150 on…

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Sell your house yourself and save $10,000

28 September 2021

The average engagement fee for a real estate agent to sell a property is $15,000. The pros of using a real estate agent are: Reach more potential buyers. Get the best offer from interested parties. Industry knowledge and advice e.g., know what your house is worth and how to get the most out of the…

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Managing personal debt when you’re young

7 September 2021

  There are so many options for credit these days, it’s almost impossible for young people to stay out of debt. You are financially vulnerable between the age of 18 and 25 and credit companies take full advantage. Companies target young people with the aim of getting them into as much debt as quickly as…

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