High achievers are expert time managers

High achievers are expert time managers

time management

Work smarter, not harder by pre-planning, organising, and dividing your daily tasks into an effective time management strategy. High achievers are generally expert time managers.

Managing your time well will lead to better productivity and efficiency whilst reducing stress, allowing you to increase your net worth and create new life opportunities.

Implementation and cost

Change your focus from activities to results:

  • Write down what you want or need to achieve today, this week, this month, this year, 5 years from now, 25 years from now.
  • Rank these goals in order of importance.
  • Document what needs to be done to reach these goals.
  • Allocate your daily time by giving more weight to the activities that will help you reach your top goals. Use the rocks, pebbles, sand strategy.
  • Do not allocate time to activities that are not related to achieving your goals.

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