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Tax Havens

Kiribati offers a 10% company tax rate

Any company that wishes to establish a business in Kiribati may apply to the Internal Revenue Board for ‘pioneer status’.

Jordanian corporations are only taxed on their Jordanian income

Jordanian resident corporations are only taxed on their Jordanian sourced income.

Jamaica is becoming the centre of international financial services

Since 2011, the Jamaican government has been working on legislation to turn Jamaica into a centre for international financial services in the Caribbean. 

Israel has the second-largest number of startup companies in the world

Israel is home to more than 250 multinational R&D centres, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Intel. 

Hungry has the lowest corporate tax within the European Union

In January 2017, the corporate tax in Hungary was reduced to a flat 9% (the lowest within the European Union).

Overseas income is tax-free for non-resident Guyana companies

Non-resident Guyana companies are only taxed on income derived from Guyana. This means their overseas income is tax-free.

Guatemala is a popular tax haven

Guatemala’s popularity as a tax haven is due to its business companies. These companies can operate in both Guatemala and foreign jurisdictions.

Is Guam a Seductive Tax Haven or an IRS Nightmare?

In the 1990s Guam enacted a package of financial services development legislation to become a financial tax haven. Unfortunately, the IRS has now issued a notice that challenges the use of Guam trusts to shelter income from U.S. taxes.


he GBC2 Offshore Company (International Business Companies) have 0% tax on foreign income and are exempt from withholding taxes.

French Polynesia

French Polynesian has no income taxes on individuals, no wealth taxes, and no inheritance taxes. New businesses are tax-exempt for their first 12 months of operation.