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Tax Planning Strategy 156 | Using a SMSF to Undertake Property Development

Undertaking a property development in a SMSF can result in zero tax payable if the fund is in the pension phase (or 15% if the fund is in the accumulation phase).

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Tax Planning Strategy 179 | Transferring a Life Interest in BRP into an SMSF

This strategy involves transferring the life interest in business real property into a SMSF (instead of transferring the whole interest in the real property). 

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Tax Planning Strategy 184 | SMSFs: Investing in Non-Controlled Entities

This strategy involves a SMSF investing in non-controlled unit trusts or companies. 

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Tax Planning Strategy 181 | Start a Pension in a SMSF

Starting a pension in a SMSF saves tax as the income from assets held to provide for super income stream benefits is exempt from income tax.

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