The Most Common Illegal Employee Tax Avoidance Strategies

The Most Common Illegal Employee Tax Avoidance Strategies

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The top 7 illegal employee tax saving strategies in Australia are:


  1. Employees or contractors not declaring cash wages.
  2. Not reporting capital gains on the sale of shares or property.
  3. Not declaring interest, dividend or rental income.
  4. Not declaring overseas income like wages, capital gains, rent, etc.
  5. Claiming private expenditure as a work deduction (like home to work travel, meals and entertainment).
  6. Filing a tax return on July 1st with inflated earnings and tax withholding, collecting their return seven to 14 days later and leaving the country before their employer has filed with the ATO, and the data can be verified. Popular with some overseas students who are never coming back to Australia.
  7. Residency manipulation – Where individuals and legal entities attempt to present themselves as residents of a low tax jurisdiction, or of nowhere (e.g. constantly travelling and of no permanent abode).
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