Witches tax

Witches tax



In 2011 Romania started taxing witches, astrologers and fortune-tellers. Previously these obscure professions were not listed in the Romanian labour code, so people working in these jobs paid no tax. Known as the ‘witches tax’, under the new law, these three professionals now pay 16 per cent income tax and make contributions to health and pension programs, like other self-employed people.

The taxing of witches is not a significant revenue raiser for the Romanian government. Witches, astrologers and fortune-tellers typically only receive $7 – $10 per consultation, and all the fees are paid in cash. As one Romania witch called Alisia said, ‘What is there to tax when we hardly earn anything?’.

The introduction of the witch’s tax divided the witch community. Some witches see it as positive as witchcraft is finally recognised as a legitimate profession. Other witches are angry about the charges and government red tape they must now comply with. Some angry witches have gone as far as putting spells on the government and their ministers.

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