Case Studies

Livestock Agent Reduces Taxable Income by $75,000

12 April 2018

    Objectives:       Mathew is a self-employed livestock agent operating in Harvey, WA. Mathew’s twin objectives are to purchase a farm to breed cattle and save tax. Facts:  Mathew’s livestock agency business produces $200,000 profit pa. 300,000 super balances (Mathew and Jane). Farm cost $600,000. Accountant’s Advice:  Tax Strategy 68: Establish a Family…

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Truck Driver Saves $14,513 in Tax

15 March 2018

    Objectives:    Tom Roberts owns and drives his own truck making contract freight deliveries around Perth five days per week. When Tom visited his Balcatta, WA accountant he said he was concerned about the financial viability of his business and worried about protecting the family home if the business failed. Facts:  $120,000 gross…

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Husband & Wife Doctors Save $42,534 in Tax

1 March 2018

    Objectives:  The two doctors are self-employed and operate through their practice company.  When they visited their accountant, they said they would like to payout their $500,000 private mortgage as quickly as possible, and restructure their affairs to save some tax as well. Facts:  Family taxable income $880,000. SMSF with $800,000 cash at bank.…

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Private Investigator Saves $16,410 in Tax

14 February 2018

Objectives:   Simon Jones operates a metro based private investigator business providing investigatory and surveillance services. When Simon visited his accountant, he said he was concerned about potential legal claims from unhappy individuals they had investigated on behalf of clients. Facts:     $260,000 gross fee income. $80,000 business wages, contractors and overheads. Single. Current tax…

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Electrician Saves $8,586 in Tax

1 February 2018

    Objectives:  John James, a young employee electrician, visited his Ellenbrook, WA accountant to prepare his 2017 tax return. During discussions John talked about the difficulties of being a sole income family, and how he would like to increase their family cashflow and save tax. Facts:  $98,540 wages income. Wife (not working) and one…

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