Release Notes | February 2018

Release Notes

February Release Highlights:

  • Option to remove TaxFitness logo and branding (for the tax savings report).
  • Practices can customise all colours in the tax savings report to match their practice branding. Full colour palette available. 
  • 8 tax strategy filters added: 
  1. Employees,
  2. Investors, 
  3. Businesses, 
  4. Buying/Starting a business,
  5. Selling a Business,
  6. Capital investment
  7. Rental properties,
  8. SMSFs.
  • The 4 step Tax Optimiser process is consolidated into 3 steps.
  • Ability to add unlimited group members: individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies and SMSFs.
  • Ability to add income, deductions, assets and liabilities for all group members.
  • Ability to allocate tax strategies to individual group members.
  • Tax expense automatically calculates for all group members.
  • Tax savings report revised to include charts and graphs to easily highlight changes in taxable income and tax expense from implementing the selected tax strategies (Before and after).
  • Practices can now add their own personal content to the newsletter if they wish.
  • Tax Planner Directory includes office locator, practices website, and number of tax plans completed.

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