Tax Deductions for Undertakers

Tax Deductions for Undertakers


Average weekly pay:    $Unavailable 
Employment size:         2,200  
Future growth:              Very strong   

Skill level                         Associate degree or diploma  

Funeral workers prepare bodies for viewing and burial, arrange and conduct funerals, and perform other specialist funeral services. Tasks include:

  • Interviewing families and associates of the deceased to assist with funeral arrangements such as the selection of coffin, type of service and publication of death notices.
  • Collecting bodies from mortuaries.
  • Preparing bodies for viewing and burial by washing, draining body fluids, applying padding and cosmetics, dressing bodies and placing them in coffins.
  • Liaising with clergy and cemetery and crematorium staff.
  • Coordinating the movement of coffins and funeral cars, arranging floral displays and collecting attendance and tribute cards.

Typical tax deductions: 

  • Home office running expenses.
  • Journals, periodicals and magazines that have a content sufficiently connected to their employment.
  • Mobile telephone and internet costs (work related portion only).
  • Union and professional association fees.
  • Work-related travel (attending morgues, cemeteries, etc.).  
  • Computer (if used for work purposes is depreciated over the effective life. NB: Deduct private use portion).
  • Conferences, seminars and training courses.
  • Purchase and laundry of corporate uniforms.
  • Self-education expenses (must be a direct connection between the self-education and their current income-earning activities).

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