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Tax Havens


Since the introduction of the Seychelles International Business Companies Act in 1994, over 100`000 Seychelles IBC`s have been registered.

San Marino

Companies in San Marino are taxed at 19%, capital gains 5%, and interest 13% (withholding tax). 


Famous as a quality Tax Haven, in 2011 Gibraltar imposed a 10% corporate tax with no distinction between onshore or offshore companies.


In Austria, companies are taxed on profits at a standard tax rate of 25% but the effective tax rate is much lower.

Principality of Hutt River

The province levies its own income tax of 0.5% on financial transactions by foreign companies registered in the province and personal accounts.


In 2008 Jersey abolished taxes for all companies except financial firms (which pay 10%) and utilities (which were left with the 20% rate).

Isle of Man | Tax Haven

The Isle of Man is a low-tax economy with no capital gains tax, wealth tax, stamp duty, or inheritance tax and a top rate of income tax of 20%.


There is no sales tax or state corporate income tax on goods and services provided by Delaware corporations operating outside of Delaware.


Monaco has become a major banking center with no income tax, low business taxes, and is well known for being a tax haven.


Madeira’s preferential tax regime applies to new companies which are licensed and established in Madeira’s International Business Centre during the years 2007 to 2013.