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Tax Havens

Choosing a Tax Haven - Political Risk

Political risk is the risk faced by investors and corporations that political decisions, events, or conditions will significantly affect the profitability of a business.

Choosing a Tax Haven - Location, Proximity and Accessibility

When choosing a tax haven, its location, proximity and accessibility can be a deal breaker.

Choosing a Tax Haven - Legal System

Tax havens with legal systems based on English law are the most popular and desired.

Choosing a Tax Haven - What Are You Trying to Achieve?

There are 19 different reasons to use a tax haven, some legal, and some illegal.

Bearer Share Companies

Bearer share companies are companies where the individual shareholders are not known to the company.

Luxembourg Holding Company

A Luxembourg Holding Company is a resident company in the tax haven of Luxembourg which operates subsidiaries.

Protected Cell Companies

Protected cell companies (PCCs) were originally developed in Guernsey in 1997 to provide a solution for companies who wanted to take advantage of the risk management solutions offered by a traditional single parent captive insurance, but who did not want to establish a captive of their own.

Offshore Trusts

Most offshore jurisdictions have sophisticated trust laws which allow the settlor to select lengthy, fixed, perpetuity periods, or to avoid perpetuity altogether (like Jersey).

Special Limited Partnership

The Luxembourg special limited partnership (SLP) is a highly tax efficient investment vehicle that offers a high degree of contractual flexibility and cost efficiency.

International Business Companies

Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, and Panama have the largest numbers of registered International Business Companies (IBCs).